The 9th JSCS Annual Research Conference
yDate zNovember 11-12, 2018
yVenue zMakuhari Messe, Chiba
yHost zJapanese Society of Chiropractic Science, Japanese Association of Chiropractors
ySponsorszCCB-IC,Japanese Federation of Chiropractic Sportive, Esaki Co. Ltd.
yDetailzJapanese Society of Chiropractic Science
2018 WFC/ACC Education Conference
yDate zOctober 24-27, 2018
yVenue zLondon, UK
yHost zWorld Federation of Chiropractic & Association of Chiropractic Colleges
yDetailzWFC/ACC Education Conference
The 22nd IMJ Conference
yDates zOctober 7-8, 2018
yVenue zSapporo City University, Sapporo
yHost zSociety for Integrative Medicine Japan
yTheme zIntegrative Health accommodated with Nature
yDetails zThe 22nd IMJ Conference
Kyushu Regional Seminar
yDatez2018/7/22 10:00`17:00
yVenuezReference Eki Higashi Building
yHostzJAC Kyushu Region
yTitlezGonstead Technique
yLecturerzDr Shigechika Arakawa
yFeeszmember 4,000yen, non-member(JCR registrant) 7,000yen, non-member (non-JCR registrant) 10,000 yen
yContactzDr Kota Yamaguchi
092-409-5655 info@bloom-chiro.com
JAC Annual General Assembly Seminar 2018
yDates zJune 17, 2018
yVenue zTKP Shimabshi SHiodome Business Center
yHost zJAC National
yLecturerzDr Junko Usuda
yTheme zPediatric Chiropractic
yDetails zJAC Assembly Seminar 2018
Kanto Koshinetsu Regional Seminar
yDatez2018/5/27 10:00`16:00
yVenuezOsaki Daini Center
yHostzJAC Kanto Koshinetsu Region
yTitlezActive care and Taping
yLecturerzDr Takayuki Tomohiro
yFeeszmember 3,000yen, non-member 10,000yen
yContactzDr Seigo Akeda info@akedachiro.com
JAC West Region Conference 2018
yDates zMay 13-14, 2018
yVenue zHyogo Chuo Rodo Center, Kobe
yHost zJAC West Region
yTheme zClinical Case Studies & Techniques
yDetails zJAC West Region Official Website
8th Research Conference of Clinical Chiropractic
yDate zMarch 11, 2018
yVenue zTokyo Campus, Tsukuba University
yHost zJapanese Association of Chiropractors
yDetailzRinsho Chiropractic Gakkai
8th JCR-IBCE Registration Exam
yDate zFebruary 4, 2018
yVenue zShimbashi IK Building, Tokyo
yHost zJapan Chiropractic Register
yPartnerzInternational Board of Chiropractic Examiners
yDetailzE-mail: webmaster@chiroreg.jp
The Integrated Medicine Expo 2018
yDates zJanuary 24-25, 2018
yVenue zTokyo Big Site, Tokyo
yHost zUBM
yDetails zThe Integratied Medicine Expo 2018