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WFC Policies and Protocols

Mission, Values, Purposes & Policies

1. The recognition and acceptance of chiropractic in every country on a universal minimum standard for education and scope of practice.
2. Appropriate chiropractic legislation in every country.
3. Establish WFC Congress as one of the world's leading original research meetings
4. Obtain full cultural authority, including as powerful a voice as any other profession in health policy
5. Unify the profession in each country, with 90% of chiropractors being members of their national associations.
6. Achieve a $50 million endowment fund by 2030
7. Establish the WFC as the foremost source for government and all on information on the chiropractic profession.

Core Values
1. The profound significance and value of the chiropractic in health care.
2. The importance of high standards of professionalism, particularly in the areas of research, education and practice.
3. Inclusiveness and collaborative relationships within and outside of the chiropractic profession.
4. The power of unity within the profession and of speaking with one voice.

Core purposes
1. To protect and promote chiropractic and the chiropractic profession, including its identity at the international level.
2. To offer impartial forums for debate and exchange of information.
3. To promote unity via consensus within the profession.
4. To serve and represent its members, in part as an informed resource center for the profession.
5. To influence and improve health care worldwide

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